Nutri Mix Spark

Nutri Mix Spark

Nutri Mix Spark is a supplement contain of major and minor elements in a highly concentrated, low moisture, effervescent powder produced through a dehydration mixing process. An added the buffer agent that help to adjusts PH level in tank mix to form a weak acid to quickly dissolve Nutri Mix Spark to a solution that plants can absorb easily and efficiently. This can be seen when Nutri Mix Spark is poured into water, the effervescence happens immediately.

Benefits :

• Increases essential supplements to plants.
• Enhances chlorophyll content in leaves to promote photosynthesis.
• Nourishes plants after harvest.
• Helps with accumulating nutrients before flowering and fruit setting.
• Helps adjust pH level in a mixing tank so all nutrients as well as agri-chemicals are easily dissolved and absorbed by plants rapidly and efficiently.


Packaging size available: 100 gm

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