Propagation Substrate SF1

Propagation Substrate SF1

Raw materialDark peat, free of weeds, diseases and impurities, different humification grades H3 – H6.

Structure – FINE.

Basic additives.

Calcitic & dolomitic limestone. Adjusts pH of the substrate, supplies essential plant nutrients Ca + Mg.

pH 5.5.-6.5 (other levels of pH 4.5-7.0 are available under special request).

Fertilizer. Level of fertilization – LOW. Fertilizer containing N-P2O5-K2O 14:16:18, trace elements (other types of fertilizer are available under special request).

Wetting agent – FIBA-ZORB. Rapid wetting and re-wetting, improves drainage, maximizes the applied fertilizers and nutrients.

Safety information. Substrates have no harmful effect on people, animals and environment when used in accordance to the instructions for useStorage time – unlimited.

SULIFLOR SF1 Propagation substrate SF1 is suitable for a wide range of growing needs, particularly where less frequent watering is desired. It has fine structure, a low fertilizer level. This substrate is recommended for seed germination and plugs, for bedding and vegetable plant crops.

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Propagation Substrate SF1

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