Demonstration of Water-proof Drying Technology at Nuwakot

In partnership with Khumaltar based International Wheat and Maize Research Centre (CIMMYT), Mero Agro Pvt. Ltd. successfully conducted a field trial of its innovative CDC II at the premises of Shirkhaali, Nuwakot based Shirkhaali Krishi Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.

We started drying almost 2 quintals of maize seed (Rampur Composite) containing almost 17.5% moisture at around mid-day. At a peak temperature of 30.9 degree Celsius at 62% relative humidity, we were able to reduce the moisture content to almost 15%. As an evidence of CDC’s waterproofness, we covered the dried maize seeds inside the CDC during a slight drizzle of half an hour. Apparently, the maize seeds retained their moisture content and there was no sign of rain slippage or damage to the maize seeds.