GrainPro’s ultra-hermetic technology

Post harvest storage loss is one of the significant problem hampering nutrition and food security in Nepal. Around 30 districts, predominantly in the western region, are classified as food-deficit areas by the Ministry of Agricultural Development. The World Food Programme reports that 40% of the population consume fewer calories than average daily requirement of 2,709 kcal. Seeds, being the primary input for sustainable agriculture, its security and improved farmer access is fundamental for attainment of overall food security.


Introduction of GrainPro’s pioneering ultra-hermetic storage solutions for dry agricultural commodities can be considered a stepping stone towards modernization of agriculture sector in Nepal. As a part of USAID funded CIMMYT International’s Nepal Earthquake Recovery Support Program (EQRSP), Mero Agro Pvt. Ltd., the sole authorized GrainPro distributor for Nepal, endeavored to disseminate hermetic storage technology to rural seed producers and smallholder’s group through on-field practical demonstrations.

Under EQRSP, 30 units of GrainPro Cocoons (25 units of 5MT, 5 units of 10MT) were distributed to the eight severely affected districts of Kavrepalanchok, Nuwakot, Makwanpur (pictured above), Dolakha, Sindhupalchok, Ramechhap, Solukhumbu and Khotang. Using a bottom-up approach, targeting rural communities through practical field demonstrations proved to be a very effective strategy to disseminate information and generate awareness about GrainPro Cocoon’s proper usage and applicability along with the principles of hermetic (airtight) technology.

GrainPro’s hermetic technology ensures long-term optimal storage of seeds and grains by combating insects and aflatoxin fungal growth by curtailing entrance of oxygen and moisture, in turn killing insects through suffocation. A significant merit of this technology is that it is organic, totally chemical-free storage solution, further restoring the very important germination capability of stored seeds and quality of grains.