Nepal Agritech International Expo 2017

Mero Agro Pvt. Ltd. participated in the recently concluded Nepal Agritech International Expo 2017 held at Bhrikuti Mandap from February 17-19, 2017. The company showcased an extensive range of agricultural commodities from agro-inputs like seeds, agro-chemicals, micro-nutrients, sprayers, etc. However, the main attraction of the company were the sophisticated hermetic storage products from GrainPro Inc. like SuperGrainbags, GrainSafe and Cocoons to ultra-efficient drying technology such as Collapsible Dryer Case II (CDC) and Solar Bubble Dryer (SBD).


GrainPro’s patented hermetic storage products offer flexibility in terms of storage: from 50 kg SuperGrainbags to 250 kg GrainSafe Mini, 1 ton GrainSafe to 5-300 tons Cocoons. Prior to post-harvest storage, CDC and SBD ensure the seeds and grains are dried upto a recommended m0isture level to prevent growth of moulds and aflatoxins maintaining germination capability of seeds and quality of dried grains like paddy, wheat, maize, etc.