Piloting and Demonstration Training of GrainPro Solar Bubble Dryer

The Solar Bubble Dryer is the latest low-cost drying technology developed by IRRI, Hohenheim University and GrainPro. The SBD is mobile and is completely independent from fuel or the power grid, and therefore has very low operating cost. It comes in different sizes, with current models having 0.5 and 1 ton (used in video) batch capacity. The first version of the Solar Bubble Dryer was commercialized in September 2014.


The three day piloting program (Jan 22-24, 2018) was conducted at Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Agronomy Division, Khumaltar. The technical expertise on GrainPro Solar Bubble Dryer’s (SBD 50) installation setup and operation was provided by Mr. Caling Balingbing, IRRI Philippines with support from Mr. Suryakanta Khandai, IRRI India and Mr. Sujit Patel, GrainPro Inc. India.


The SBD 50 was handed over to NARC Agri-Engineering Division by IRRI Nepal under the funding of GIZ, primarily to address the problem of postharvest drying of spring rice in Nepal. Further piloting workshop is slated to be held in different parts of the country to disseminate the technology amidst the masses, especially the farmers, agri-cooperatives, seed producers, grain companies and all relevant stakeholders to assess its feasibility in the context of Nepalese landscape in various aspects.