Annual Dealers’ Meet 2018

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Mero Agro Pvt. Ltd.’s Annual Dealers’ Meet for the year 2018 was held between October 6-8, 2018 at Da Yatra Courtyard Hotel & Resort, Pokhara. A total of 16 dealers throughout the country participated in the event. The event also saw the participation and presentation from representatives of Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group Co. Ltd., China and TNA AgriGroup, Thailand.


The highlight of the event was the declaration of Top Dealers’ Award for 2074/75. Mr. Roshan Twoti representing Jagat Agriculture Centre, Bhaktapur bagged the Top Dealer Gold Award. Similarly, Mr. Suvash M. Thakuri of Kishan Kheti Pasal, Hetauda bagged the Silver Award and Mr. Tirtha Upreti of New R.S. Enterprises, Dhading bagged the Bronze Award. The Emerging Dealer Award was won by Mr. Ram Gopal Khatri of Nala. The guests from China and Thailand were also presented with a Token of Love for their participation in the event.


The event concluded with a brief musical program and distribution of door prizes.




Farmers’ Training on Crop Protection Input Management

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Mero Agro organised a One-Day Workshop on Crop Protection Input Management, Disease Control and Pest Management to the farmers of Suryodaya Krishak Samuha based at Kamal-6, Jhapa. Altogether, 20-25 participants were present at the training event. Following the training, a brief field visit program was also organised by the company to impart practical knowledge on the subject as well.

Solar Bubble Dryer Demonstration at West Nepal

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Places Visited: Kailali and Kanchanpur

Travel duration:2074-12-13 to 2074-12-22.

Purpose of visit: 

To conduct Training/Piloting of Solar Bubble Drier.

Work accomplished:


Training on operation of solar bubble drier was conducted in Bhajini Municipality Kailali from 2074-12-15 to 17. Farmers from different wards of Bhajini mujnicipality were present in the training. Farmers cultivating early rice were mainly invited in the training. During the discussion it was found that farmers of this locality don’t cultivate summer rice as majority of land falls under submergence of water during the cultivation time. Hardinath-1,Chaite-4,Sukha-6,chaite-4,DRR-44(Hardinath-3),Chaite-5 were found as commonly used varieties in early rice while some of farmers were found doing trials of some varieties viz. Govind, Pant basmati-1, Pant Basmati-2, DY-69 in coordination with IRRI Kanchanpur.

Farmers were found keenly interested in the Solar Bubble Drier as drying of early rice is common and severe problem of this locality. However, cost of this settings was found serious matter of concern by farmers as majority of the farmers had small land holding capacity. As the solar bubble drier having 1 ton capacity need about 30*4 m2 area for the set up, it was found tough for farmers to manage the required space. All together 25 farmers of different level, personnel from Agriculture Service Centre Bhajini, people nearby the sites ,Officilal from IRRI were present in the training.




Training on operation of Solar Bubble Drier was conducted from 2074-12-18 to 20 at Regeional Agricultural Training Centre,Kanchanpur. Farmers from different localities of Bhimdutt Municipality were  present in the training. All together 35 farmers involved/experienced in early rice cultivation were present. Among them majority were female farmers. The theoretical classes were carried out in the training hall while the practical classes were conducted in the field.

Though, this year farmers were found worried as they were unable to do the transplanting due to unavailability  of irrigation water, they were found keenly interested in the solar bubble drier technique. However, cost of the system was found questionable. Bubble drier with half ton capacity was demanded by farmers. Hardinath-1 was found commonly used variety as early rice.



Courtesy: Md.Shamshad Ansari and Mukti Nath jha

West Sub-dealers’ Training

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The training was organised by Mero Agro Pvt. Ltd. in coordination with Shital Agrovet Trading Centre (regional dealer) on Saturday May 26, 2018. Sub-dealers and Retailers from Surkhet, Dailekh, Jajarkot and Jumla were present at the event. The main theme of the training were judicious use of crop protection inputs, pest & disease management and nutrient management.  

Launch of vegetable seeds

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Mero Agro Pvt. Ltd. introduces a wide variety of seeds in the market. Under the brand name ‘Mero Seed’, they are widely available across all its dealers throughout the country. Some of the seeds include coriander, yard long bean, bush bean and widely popular ‘Srijana-hybrid tomato F1’.

Launch of Hamino 100 fertilizer

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We are delighted to introduce our latest product – Hamino 100 fertilizer in the Nepalese market. It is an organic fertilizer composed of 80% organic matter, humid  acid, amino acid and NPK. It provides wide span organic nutrient to plants, including rich content of organic nitrogen, humic acid, fulvic acid as well as abundant trace elements.


Piloting and Demonstration Training of GrainPro Solar Bubble Dryer

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The Solar Bubble Dryer is the latest low-cost drying technology developed by IRRI, Hohenheim University and GrainPro. The SBD is mobile and is completely independent from fuel or the power grid, and therefore has very low operating cost. It comes in different sizes, with current models having 0.5 and 1 ton (used in video) batch capacity. The first version of the Solar Bubble Dryer was commercialized in September 2014.


The three day piloting program (Jan 22-24, 2018) was conducted at Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Agronomy Division, Khumaltar. The technical expertise on GrainPro Solar Bubble Dryer’s (SBD 50) installation setup and operation was provided by Mr. Caling Balingbing, IRRI Philippines with support from Mr. Suryakanta Khandai, IRRI India and Mr. Sujit Patel, GrainPro Inc. India.


The SBD 50 was handed over to NARC Agri-Engineering Division by IRRI Nepal under the funding of GIZ, primarily to address the problem of postharvest drying of spring rice in Nepal. Further piloting workshop is slated to be held in different parts of the country to disseminate the technology amidst the masses, especially the farmers, agri-cooperatives, seed producers, grain companies and all relevant stakeholders to assess its feasibility in the context of Nepalese landscape in various aspects.


Disseminating Crop Protection Knowledge at Lalbandi

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The company conducted its second Sub-Dealers’ Meet at Sarlahi, this time at Lalbandi amidst the sub-dealers of Everest Hi-Tech Seed. In the meet conducted on Kartik 25, 2074; around 20 sub-dealers and retailers of Lalbandi were trained about basic crop protection practices, soil and nutrient management methods. The company emphasizes on conducting such workshops across its dealer, sub-dealer, retailer and ultimately farmer network throughout the country for updated information on its products, services, plans & policies.

GrainPro Nepal Seminar 2017

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Mero Agro organised a one-day GrainPro Nepal Seminar 2017 at Hotel Himalaya, Kupondole on Monday October 30, 2017. Mr. Tom de Bruin, President GrainPro Inc. Philippines and Mr. Avinash Wagh, Regional Manager Asia GrainPro Inc. were the guest speakers in the event. Several stakeholders from public sector, private sector, development projects (NGOs/INGOs) and media/press were present at the event.


The event kicked off with a very enlightening and motivating presentation by Mr. Avinash, who shed light on the various postharvest hermetic storage and drying solutions manufactured by GrainPro Inc., addressing the need of reducing postharvest losses for sustainability of global food security and nutrition. Mr. Tom further addressed how a major problem of drying the spring paddy (Chaite Dhaan) in Nepal can be tackled by the application of GrainPro’s Solar Bubble Dryer (SBD).

Mr. Bhola Man Singh Basnet from IRRI and Dr. Narahari Ghimire from Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project (PMAMP) seconded his idea of piloting the SBD in IRRI’s upcoming project and PMAMP. The application of GrainPro technology in Nepal was presented by Mr. Manish C. Shrestha from Mero Agro Pvt. Ltd., who further highlighted the need for collaboration amidst various concerned stakeholders in dissemination of knowledge regarding hermetic solutions and its correct application to the grassroot level smallholder farmers in order to establish reduce the postharvest losses prevalent in the country.

Annual Dealers’ Meet 2017

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Mero Agro Pvt. Ltd., the sole authorized distributor of GrainPro Postharvest hermetic storage and drying solutions for Nepal, recently organised its ‘Annual Dealers’ Meet 2017′ from October 28-30, 2017 at Hotel Country Villa, Nagarkot. In the event, the company distributed letters of appreciation and awards to the most outstanding dealers. Altogether there were 13 dealers present in the meet from throughout the country. The event was significant due to the presence of foreign delegates.


Mr. Tom de Bruin, President at GrainPro Philippines Inc. and Mr. Avinash Wagh, Regional Manager ASIA, GrainPro Inc. shed light on how GrainPro hermetic solutions were being used worldwide for storage and drying by smallholder farmers, agro-cooperatives to commerical grain/seed companies and by national governments to safeguard national food security and nutrition.


Further, Mr. Julian Leon, TNA AgriGroup Thailand, talked about the various innovative foliar fertilizer and micronutrient solutions that can be applied as crop nutrition and protection solutions in the country.

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