16L Knapsack Sprayer

  The Knapsack Manual sprayer from Seesa is ideal for use in agricultural farms. It can be used for spraying insecticides, fungicides and micronutrients in plants and crops.


Watering Can

  This watering can with 5L capacity from Seesa is ideal for home gardening. It is made up of strong plastic and is easy to use.


Air Pressure Sprayer

  Seesa’s Air Pressure sprayer with 2L capacity can be used in garden or household for a wide range of applications. It can be used for disinfection, watering in small farms and gardens. For houehold purposes, it can be used for cleaning glass, kitchen, vehicles, furniture, etc.


Bottle Sprayer

The bottle sprayer is very handy for spraying in flowers, vegetables and even disinfection. The nozzle can be adjusted from spray to jet for high pressure.