Product feature: Dark green liquid, specific gravity: 1.21-1.26, pH: 7-9

Main ingredients:
N≥90g/L, P2O5≥30g/L, K2O≥60g/L, alginic acid≥14g/L, organic matter≥150g/L, Fe(EDTA)≥16g/L, Cu(EDTA)≥8g/L, Zn(EDTA)≥12g/L, Mn(EDTA)≥4g/L

Contain full spectrum of chelated micronutrients,rapidly correct micronutrients deficiencies,promote growth of shoots and root,enhance plants resistance to stress and increase fruit set ratio,prevent flowers and fruits from dropping,improve quality and appearance of fruits,prolong storage life.


Foliar spray: Diluted by 1:1000.Apply 3-4 times in growing period at intervals of 20 days,1 time before and after flowering phase respectively.

Seed treatment: 2-3 liters for 1 ton seeds.

1. Suggest apply in the morning or evening to get better effect.

  1. Re-spray if it rains within 8 hours after spraying.

Validity: Two years

Packing: 100mL、250mL、500mL、1L、4L、5L、10L