Seaweed Ca Boron

Product feature: Black brown liquid, pH: 3.5-5, specific gravity: 1.43-1.48

Main ingredients:

CaO≥150g/L, B2O3≥10g/L, K2O≥80g/L, seaweed extract≥300g/L, organic matter≥20g/L

Efficacy: Rapidly correct boron or calcium deficiency, enhance viability of pollen, increase seed set and

fruit set, protect flower and fruit from shedding, increase cell wall composing and hardness, improve

plants ability to resist disease, increase utilization rate of nutrients.


Foliar spray: Diluted by 1:1500-2000.

For fruit trees, apply 1 time at bud emergence and 2 times within 2 weeks after flowering; for vegetables,

apply 2-3 times in growing period.

Notes: Stir/shake it well before use.

Validity: Two years

Packing: 100mL、250mL、500mL、1L、4L、5L、10L