Solar Bubble Dryer Demonstration at West Nepal

Places Visited: Kailali and Kanchanpur

Travel duration:2074-12-13 to 2074-12-22.

Purpose of visit: 

To conduct Training/Piloting of Solar Bubble Drier.

Work accomplished:


Training on operation of solar bubble drier was conducted in Bhajini Municipality Kailali from 2074-12-15 to 17. Farmers from different wards of Bhajini mujnicipality were present in the training. Farmers cultivating early rice were mainly invited in the training. During the discussion it was found that farmers of this locality don’t cultivate summer rice as majority of land falls under submergence of water during the cultivation time. Hardinath-1,Chaite-4,Sukha-6,chaite-4,DRR-44(Hardinath-3),Chaite-5 were found as commonly used varieties in early rice while some of farmers were found doing trials of some varieties viz. Govind, Pant basmati-1, Pant Basmati-2, DY-69 in coordination with IRRI Kanchanpur.

Farmers were found keenly interested in the Solar Bubble Drier as drying of early rice is common and severe problem of this locality. However, cost of this settings was found serious matter of concern by farmers as majority of the farmers had small land holding capacity. As the solar bubble drier having 1 ton capacity need about 30*4 m2 area for the set up, it was found tough for farmers to manage the required space. All together 25 farmers of different level, personnel from Agriculture Service Centre Bhajini, people nearby the sites ,Officilal from IRRI were present in the training.




Training on operation of Solar Bubble Drier was conducted from 2074-12-18 to 20 at Regeional Agricultural Training Centre,Kanchanpur. Farmers from different localities of Bhimdutt Municipality were  present in the training. All together 35 farmers involved/experienced in early rice cultivation were present. Among them majority were female farmers. The theoretical classes were carried out in the training hall while the practical classes were conducted in the field.

Though, this year farmers were found worried as they were unable to do the transplanting due to unavailability  of irrigation water, they were found keenly interested in the solar bubble drier technique. However, cost of the system was found questionable. Bubble drier with half ton capacity was demanded by farmers. Hardinath-1 was found commonly used variety as early rice.



Courtesy: Md.Shamshad Ansari and Mukti Nath jha