Cocoon bag (1 ton)

The GrainPro GrainSafe Bag – 1.0 (GS Bag – 1.0) popularly known as 1 ton Cocoon bag, is a portable Ultra-Hermetic storage solution for bagged grains and seeds. With a one-metric ton capacity, it safely preserves the quality and quantity of dry agricultural commodities such as maize, paddy, coffee, etc. due to its low permeability […]


SuperGrainbag (SGB)

The patented GrainPro SGB Farm is a low cost Ultra Hermetic™ bag lining solution developed primarily for smallholder farmers. The SGB Farm is tested for farm conditions and can be relied upon to safely preserve dried agricultural commodities such as maize, cassava, wheat, rice paddy and soybean. It’s made from multilayer recyclable polyethylene plastic (PE) […]


Collapsible Dryer Case (CDC) II

GrainPro Collapsible Dryer Case II™ (CDC II™) is a low-cost solution for safe, effective and convenient drying of a vast range of agricultural commodities. It eliminates the need for fuel and electricity as it uses solar energy, which is the simplest and most economical drying method. It also allows grain drying on almost any flat […]


Moisture Meter (MM4)

A reliable moisture meter is a pre-requisite for good storage. From the many moisture meters in the market, GrainPro has selected this "crush type" moisture meter which can handle most common commodities such as paddy, corn and coffee. This handheld device provides accurate readouts of moisture levels for different types of grains in seconds. Hence, […]


Oxygen Meter

This basic O2 analyzer is essential equipment for Modified and Controlled Atmospheres. For Ultra Hermetic™ storage, it enables O2 level monitoring and the condition of the commodity stored. In the case of controlled atmospheres, it can measure CO2 concentrations by using an O2 – CO2 conversion table. The design of the analyzer is kept as simple as possible to reduce […]


Cocoon (5-300 tons)

GrainPro Flood Protected Self-Verifying Cocoon™ (SVC) is an affordable, Ultra Hermetic™ gastight storage designed for organic-use and the long-term storage of agricultural commodities. A unit can store from five to 300 metric tonnes for a year with very minimal loss – typically, less than 1%. Because its Ultra Hermetic, users can modify the internal atmosphere […]


Solar Bubble Dryer

GrainPro, in close collaboration with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the University of Hohenheim (UOH) Germany, introduces the Solar Bubble Dryer™ (SBD™): a modern drying innovation that minimizes the effects of unpredictable weather to commodities during its drying stage. The SBD™ is designed to safely dry agricultural commodities against unexpected rain and other […]